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Eads Astrium


Name of the project

Project Facility Land EADSMise implement modules:

TM Facility Space

TM Facility Service

TM Move Facility

Presentation of the CLIENT

The Service Facility TM-MANAGEMENT CISCO aims managing office buildings in Europe.

the project’s objectives

As part of this activity, Cisco wants to set up a dashboard for monitoring the occupation of its premises.

Size Heritage

450,000 sqm in 2 Mureaux and Toulouse sites.


production solution for over 7mois

Criteria for choosing the solution TM Facility

  • Scalability of the proposed solution;
  • Sustainability of technological choices;
  • Full integration of the IFC standard.

Key features of the solution

The Land plateforme- Facility provides the following modules:

  • TM Facility Space
    • Space management
    • Management occupants
    • Managing desktops
    • Equipment management
  • TM Facility Service
    • Management of requests for intervention
    • Monitoring average times
    • Measurement of internal customer satisfaction
  • TM Move Facility
    • Preparation removals
    • Process validation of applications
    • Monitoring of employee mobility
    • Satisfaction Measurement
  • TM Meeting Facility
    • Booking meeting rooms
    • Powers halls
    • Management of associated services (equipment, food …)
    • Tracking booking schedules

Key features of the solution (continued)

service desk

Technical architecture

The implemented solution is fully integrated into the customer environment

  • Application Interface Facility Land receives information from a DataHub Infocentre
  • Application Facility Interface Land supplies in return Infocentre DataHub

Votre avis


The TM Facility advisory services are provided by an expert team perfectly mastering the various real estate professions.

We bring businesses and our expertise in the management and monitoring of services, management and operation of general and real estate services.

Training and Assistance

TM Facility is very attentive to internal training of its employees in order to offer its customers a wide range of knowledge of CAD and the "Facilities Management"

BIM goal

Full integration of the standardized data model IFC 2x3 Of ACA Autodesk 2017 software, Revit CAD Allplan tools Compatibility, ArchiCAD

Evolution on the map

By implementing solutions FACILITY TM, our customers have the best tools to optimize the use of space, maintenance of structures or equipment and management services to residents
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