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Our strengths


With experience in over 150 French and international projects FACILITY TM has developed a comprehensive range of services capable of meeting new business needs.

This offer is built around four main areas:

  • the board,
  • Implementation,
  • the integration,
  • monitoring and support services (training, application maintenance).

Each offer is based on a methodology to the client’s objectives and the technical environment.

These methodologies describe the stages of definition, design, implementation and operation of a project:

  • Definition of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
  • Definition of setting specifications
  • Setup and initialization data
  • Installing and Testing
  • fitness checking and regular service

They thus allow our teams to apply our services in the most homogeneous manner for our customers.


In terms of quality, and to continuously improve the benefits, services and products provided, the methodological expertise of TM FACILITY implements, for each project, a quality initiative after his knowledge of real estate, his experience in project management and implementation of software solutions for asset management, CAD and “Facilities management”.

This approach is based on a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) which describes the beginning of the mission, the various actions regarding the organization and procedures that can be applied in the project.

As a methodological tool, the QAP is to:

  • define the checks carried out on the project, thanks to a consistent approach and the use of standardized quality procedures,
  • ensure the success of the project, through a structured methodology throughout the project.

This QAP describes the various actions FACILITY TM and client to ensure the quality of products and services related to the project.

It defines, in particular:

  • The expected results in terms of documentation, products and delivery,
  • The organization and responsibilities,
  • The means to implement,
  • The approach and methodologies adopted,
  • The processes in terms of quality, project tracking and logistics,
  • The life cycle of the project.


Thanks to a technology watch, FACILITY TM has developed expertise in implementing technology solutions around the eve technology: A solution adapts perfectly to the technical infrastructure of your company and thus IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) EC2 cloud on Amazon or Microsoft Azure.

TM FACILITY moved towards the latest BIM technology AutoCAD Architecture, Revit … She quickly sought to implement this emerging technology.

This analysis allowed the birth of a strong conviction: SaaS is a fundamental and lasting support for e-services of tomorrow. Today, that belief turns into reality market, with a growing number of customers gained by FACILITY TM and allows it to occupy a position as an expert in SaaS technology.

TM FACILITY stands as the trusted partner of companies for the realization of:

  • property Steering global systems including, for example cabinet plans, reporting, management of surfaces, Call Centers, environmental Knowledge Management Client / Server or Internet / Intranet / Extranet,
  • Intranet portal of general services management,
  • global platform of energy control,


TM FACILITY’s advisory services are provided by an expert team perfectly mastering the various real estate professions.

  1. strategic design

In strategic design phase, our mission is to gain a real understanding of the objectives and our client environment.

With him, we define:

  • The objectives of the project,
  • The proposed solutions,
  • The means to implement, improve or support its global strategy.

We identify the success factors and the risk factors of the chosen solution and establish the framework of our intervention in our client.

  1. Functional and technical specification

In this phase, we work with labor groups, interviews, analysis and synthesis to identify the best opportunities and clarify the strategy of our client. After reviewing its organizational structure and its technology infrastructure, we define the study initiatives and formalize them into value-added projects. We prepare priorities on time and investment criteria.

Our consulting approach is based on the belief that today a project based on user-oriented technologies requires an understanding of business issues and a perfect mastery of new information and communications technology (ICT).

  1. Implementation

The implementation of TM FACILITY systems graphical management movable and immovable heritage is carried out by our teams of consultants, industry experts and / or technical experts. These teams rely on rigorous methodologies and technical capitalization based software FACILITY TM and development toolkits in each of the technologies used.

Therefore, TM FACILITY agrees on the realization, deployment and delivery of applications in on time and preset budget.

FACILITY TM adapts to development contexts offered by companies (mixed teams, transfers of know-how, responsibility, breakdowns …)

  1. The integration

The integration result of customer preference for single contact in project implementation.

In this context, the integrator has overall responsibility on the different phases and components of the project:

  • materials
  • software
  • Services
  1. monitoring

FACILITY TM monitors systems to ensure sustainability. The company offers customized project management, regular monitoring, a hot-line speaker as soon as possible, an application maintenance and training and ownership of the system by users.


The TM Facility advisory services are provided by an expert team perfectly mastering the various real estate professions.

We bring businesses and our expertise in the management and monitoring of services, management and operation of general and real estate services.

Training and Assistance

TM Facility is very attentive to internal training of its employees in order to offer its customers a wide range of knowledge of CAD and the "Facilities Management"

BIM goal

Full integration of the standardized data model IFC 2x3 Of ACA Autodesk 2017 software, Revit CAD Allplan tools Compatibility, ArchiCAD

Evolution on the map

By implementing solutions FACILITY TM, our customers have the best tools to optimize the use of space, maintenance of structures or equipment and management services to residents
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