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Ergonomics “windows-like” => drop and contextual menus, scroll bars, menus, right click …

Modularity: The software is modular and can be deployed to the virtual environment. You can easily upgrade to additional modules (moves, intervention requests …)

Space Tree (site-> rooms) is the backbone of the organization of data with unlimited levels

Single repository and a comprehensive knowledge base of heritage shared by all services

Ease of adding, deleting, moving equipment, graphically (= “drag and drop”)

Online Help + fast learning (= require limited training)

Navigation on the basis of the tree alphanumeric and / or graphic base

Web accessibility for users of different types (or change to display only certain pre queries established)

Interactivity between alphanumeric and graphical data => automatic repercussion alphanumeric updates in the graphics base

Association documents to different goods and different levels of the tree => archive of historical documents

Steering heritage through dashboards

Technology : With the technology “full web” Space Land facilitates multi-site management. Consultation of information through intranet is immediate and provides ease of maintenance and deployment, flexibility and robustness

Based on the model of public data “international standard ISO-IFC 2.x,” the platform ensures the continuity of your information system

The platform enables the exchange of data with different CAD tools


Integration with existing:

  • impact of changes in equipment AutoCad (double meaning for alphanumeric information related to the building)
  • The plans CAD from Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan …
  • CMMS Interface (completeness of the CMMS database by location or technical equipment belonging)


The TM Facility advisory services are provided by an expert team perfectly mastering the various real estate professions.

We bring businesses and our expertise in the management and monitoring of services, management and operation of general and real estate services.

Training and Assistance

TM Facility is very attentive to internal training of its employees in order to offer its customers a wide range of knowledge of CAD and the "Facilities Management"

BIM goal

Full integration of the standardized data model IFC 2x3 Of ACA Autodesk 2017 software, Revit CAD Allplan tools Compatibility, ArchiCAD

Evolution on the map

By implementing solutions FACILITY TM, our customers have the best tools to optimize the use of space, maintenance of structures or equipment and management services to residents
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