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Public building of the city of Dijon


Name of the project

Public Buildings Administration of the City of Dijon

Presentation of the CLIENT

The main tasks of the Public Buildings Administration, under the Ministry of Public Works are:

  • the study and implementation of projects of construction and transformation of public buildings;
  • maintenance and repair of public buildings and leased buildings;
  • the acquisition and maintenance of furniture and special equipment assigned to public service buildings;
  • control and maintenance of technical installations and security buildings occupied by public services;
  • the expertise to built properties acquired or disposed of by the state and the determination of the rental value of the property;
  • establishing and keeping up to date inventory of public buildings and the making of graphic documentation and photographic relative.

General objectives of the CLIENT

ABP wanted to develop an organization for better control of the degradation of heritage using a powerful computer system in order to face the economic challenges which the Administration is facing.

Preventive maintenance is a global property portfolio management approach covering all the work on all structures and equipment in order to get the best operation in the most profitable conditions.

This work is divided into maintenance (maintenance, rehabilitation) and investment (equity compliance, transformations, extensions).

The essential objectives of preventive maintenance are:

  • increasing the life of buildings and reduce the overall degradation;
  • increase the performance and presentation of buildings;
  • improve occupant satisfaction;
  • protect long-term investments that have sufficient financial resources and flexible;
  • make long-term gains;
  • promote the heritage and increase the informational transparency.

the project’s objectives

To achieve this vision, the city of Dijon wanted:

1. Develop a complete and accurate inventory of its real estate and furniture of the state with continuous updating.

2. gradually adopt a planned approach to preventive maintenance to increase overall profitability.

3. Make changes to its organization and its ways of working to preserve the operational value and the economic value of heritage.

4. Equipping a tool for planning, a transparent, objective and systematic, its financial resources maintenance and modernization in the short to medium term.

5. Improve profitability, performance and quality of service to its customers by analyzing their needs and by learning from developed and used by other systems.

6. To stimulate the flow of information inside and outside the administration.

7. Developing a powerful information system that allows:

  • manage descriptive data heritage (information, documents, graphics, drawings, photos);
  • assess the health status of the heritage and the status of compliance with standards and requirements;
  • manage qualitative information;
  • define, plan, manage parallel all preventive maintenance and modernization interventions;
  • define and manage a budget preventive maintenance and modernization;
  • communicate both inside as well as with our partners outside.

8. Upgrade their IT infrastructures.

Size Heritage

550 000 m²pourobjectif 1 million m²dans 2 years


Project into production

Criteria for choosing the solution TM Facility

  • Scalability of the proposed solution;
  • Sustainability of technological choices;
  • Full integration of the IFC standard.

Key features of the solution

Short description of the global wealth management process implemented by the Land Facility Interface Solution TM Facility.

Identification of inputs, outputs and changes heritage

Maintain a list of the Luxembourg real estate portfolio managed by ABP.


Collect and maintain all graphics and alphanumeric data to describe, codify, document and locate all structures and equipment within the building.

Diagnosis of quality and compliance / generation of interventions

Establish a detailed diagnosis of each structure and equipment for classifying damage and non-conformities, and to define the remaining lifetimes and decay rates. Deduce the list of interventions needed to achieve the set maintenance levels and compliance with legislation.

technically and economically critical opinion

Assess the need, feasibility, timeliness and cost-effectiveness of interventions, based on different scenarios of possible interventions to preserve the operational and economic value of heritage. To choose a scenario, define the details of the work and develop the approximate budget costs.

extraordinary critical opinion and proposed redirecting

In case of critical opinion, technical or economic, negative, proposing a possible reorientation.

budget proposal

Establish the overall budget proposal maintenance and transformation, based on the details of the selected interventions and the estimated costs.

Suspension of interventions in case of refusal budget

Suspend operations in the asset management information system and assess the impact of suspensions.

Preparation of interventions respectively maintenance contracts

Plan and coordinate the precise definition of work. Develop formal support bases to requests for tenders to bid dossiers and technical and financial checks after work.

legal procedures

Request the necessary permissions before you can perform the intervention or maintenance contract.

Implementation of interventions respectively maintenance contracts

Ensure smooth, good achievement, technical inspections, traceability and the proper financial monitoring of the work.

Votre avis


The TM Facility advisory services are provided by an expert team perfectly mastering the various real estate professions.

We bring businesses and our expertise in the management and monitoring of services, management and operation of general and real estate services.

Training and Assistance

TM Facility is very attentive to internal training of its employees in order to offer its customers a wide range of knowledge of CAD and the "Facilities Management"

BIM goal

Full integration of the standardized data model IFC 2x3 Of ACA Autodesk 2017 software, Revit CAD Allplan tools Compatibility, ArchiCAD

Evolution on the map

By implementing solutions FACILITY TM, our customers have the best tools to optimize the use of space, maintenance of structures or equipment and management services to residents
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