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universities of Reims


Name of the project

Project REIMSConstruction UNIVERSITY basis for a heritage:

  • Management of the occupation of services
  • Technical management of heritage
  • Inventory management
  • Steering maintenance
  • Management of energy

Presentation of the CLIENT

The Department of Real Estate Technology Services (ITS) are supported:

  • management occupancy, technical management, maintenance, energy management.

the project’s objectives

As part of these activities, the STI has decided to set up a management tool for the entire immobilier.Les heritage needs:

  • To manage the allocation of surfaces entity / activity (teaching / research / …)
  • Calculate a net floor area SDO, USEFUL automatically.
  • Having steering dashboards
  • To manage requests for action (traceability, history …)
  • To follow the work planning operations
  • To optimize treatment interventions
  • To optimize inventory management
  • Able to reduce the energy consumption costs
  • To manage the recharging of energy consumption
  • Having a simple tool combining power and usability.
  • Having a functional and editable universe for querying.
  • Having a tool to return the information at once.
  • Having a tool that can change according to new needs.

TM Facility was selected for the implementation of the solution Interface Facility Landsur modules:

  • TM Tech Facility – Technical Inventory of heritage
  • TM Facility Service – Response Management and maintenance
  • TM Facility Dashboard – Table of dynamic, customizable edges
  • TM FacilityGreen – Control of energy consumption

Placing connectors:

  • LDAP directory
  • SSO authentication (CAS server)
  • Harpège interface
  • Interface inventory of supplies

Size Heritage

250,000 sqm over 150 buildings spread over 5 sites


In production for 8 months

Criteria for choosing the solution TM Facility

  • Controlling a broad functionality on a single platform
  • Ease of use and ergonomics of the user interface
  • Ability to monitor the overall Quality of Service (internal and external stakeholders)

Key features of the solution (continued)

functional device used to “basic knowledge and maintenance management”

service desk

Module TM Tech Facility: Computerized management plans and surfaces,

Management assignments surfaces

Management of equipment and structures,

Module TM Facility Service:

interventions monitoring

Process Management (Workflow)

Logging of requests

Planning of preventive interventions and regulations

Inventory management

Module TM Facility Dashboard:

Library performance indicators

Tables personalized, customizable,

dynamic analysis (statistical, historical, correlation …)

Automatic reporting

Example of management processes implemented:

desk1 Service

functional device used for the “energies of Control”:

  • Implementation of an energy control system for users and managers services.
  • Bill collection data, remote reading files and suppliers.
  • Integrated Project to a Project Management Technical Heritage.

Votre avis


The TM Facility advisory services are provided by an expert team perfectly mastering the various real estate professions.

We bring businesses and our expertise in the management and monitoring of services, management and operation of general and real estate services.

Training and Assistance

TM Facility is very attentive to internal training of its employees in order to offer its customers a wide range of knowledge of CAD and the "Facilities Management"

BIM goal

Full integration of the standardized data model IFC 2x3 Of ACA Autodesk 2017 software, Revit CAD Allplan tools Compatibility, ArchiCAD

Evolution on the map

By implementing solutions FACILITY TM, our customers have the best tools to optimize the use of space, maintenance of structures or equipment and management services to residents
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